Always Up For A Challenge (Or, Reviewing Audiobooks for The Armchair Audies)

Even though I am not out of the dissertation race just yet (just a few more weeks, folks!), I am already itching for something new to work on. A month ago I came across a tweet from Jen at The Literate Housewife, who was looking for bloggers to review audiobooks for The Armchair Audies. The Armchair Audies is basically a reading challenge where bloggers from around the web review the nominations within a category of the Audies, awards for audiobooks. Because I commute thrice a week to work, and because I still haven’t fixed my radio, I started listening to audiobooks on my iPhone to keep me entertained on my hour-long trip. I thought this challenge would be a nice way to find new audiobooks to check out. The category I have chosen to review is the Biography/Memoir category; it seems the genre I gravitate towards lately is biographies read by the authors, but only three of the five books nominated are read by their authors. Let’s see how it goes.

Here are the nominees:

Until Tuesday, by Luis Carlos Montalvan
Bossypants, by Tina Fey (In the spirit of full disclosure, this is my current favorite; however, I will try to keep an open mind for the other nominees)
My Dog Tulip, by J.R. Ackerley
Here Come Trouble: Stories from My Life by Michael Moore

I’m looking forward to reviewing these nominees and making my predictions, especially because this is actually my first time reviewing audiobooks!
If you want to check out the other categories as well as links to the other bloggers reviewing the categories, check out Literate Housewife’s roundup:
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  1. I am honored that you would join this challenge while you’re working on your dissertation! You go, girl!

    I love how you have disclosed your love for Bossypants. I really should give that audiobook a listen, but I can’t get over the big arms on the cover. ACK! :)

    I hope you have fun with this challenge. Thank you so much for joining us!

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