Scenes from a Week, Back in Texas Edition (10.13.2014-10.19.2014)

2014-10-13 08.29.44Monday

I managed to get myself out of bed early, take my daughter to pre-k, and make my way to Rice University to attend a conference on teaching in higher education. (My thoughts on the conference are in a forthcoming issue of Women in Higher Education). Sometimes lipstick and a new pair of sunglasses are what I need to face the day. Oh, and coffee.

2014-10-14 19.49.18


I had the chance to visit the Rice University campus at night. I’d been there during the day, but there’s something magical about walking through a college campus at night. It’s so quiet it’s unsettling. As my companions and I walked through the campus, this Jaume Plensa sculpture made me stop. First it was the brightness; despite the fact that campus was illuminated by harsh orange street lamps, this sculpture shone white hot. When you take a close look you see that it’s actually built by letters. I had to resist the urge to sit next to it and let the warmth of the lights wash over me. I also realized that this sculpture calls forth a set of sculptures along Allen Parkway also made of letters, titled “Tolerance.”

2014-10-18 09.15.41Friday

I love getting postcards in the mail. That is all.





2014-10-19 14.15.26Sunday

I go to church sometimes. No, not the Catholic church I grew up in. More on that in a future blog post. I have been going to a nondenominational Christian church right outside of Houston. Miss E enjoys going too, although I suspect it has to do with the coloring and the goldfish snacks in the pre-k room than with the message, but that’s alright. Yesterday she asked me if we could have tacos after church. I just wanted to go home, but I considered that I’d have to make lunch when I got home. And really, what other plans did we have? So we went to a restaurant in Sugar Land and she got her taco. I had enchiladas and this delicious Tres Leches cake.

Sometimes dessert makes it all better.

Scenes from a Week, East Coast Edition (9.29.2014-10.5.2014)


2014-09-29 15.17.20


Something happened my first week in New York City. I picked up a copy of New York magazine–because I wanted to buy a copy in New York and because I wanted to read the article on Emma Sulkowicz, the Columbia University student who is carrying around a mattress as a way to protest that her alleged rapist is still on campus. But buying the magazine is not what happened. It happened but it’s not the thing that happened that I want to discuss. As I sat on the sidewalk at Citi Field after the last game of the season, waiting for a friend who was in turn waiting for the Astros’ bus to leave the grounds, I pulled out the wrinkled copy of New York I had in my bag and started the crossword puzzle in the back. I foud it riveting. I didn’t want to stop until I finished it. And finish it I did, almost 24 hours later, in a cafe in Binghamton, NY.


2014-10-01 11.40.50


I rode BC Transit for the first time in years. Everything in Binghamton felt like the first time in years: taking the bus, sitting in a professor’s office (I caught up on work while my friend taught), eating local food, even seeing the leaves change color. I took many pictures of Binghamton while I was there. I didn’t realize how much I’d missed it. Or maybe I was looking for a place that meant something to me, to the me before I got married, had a child, became an editor. Oddly I felt like at the end of the day I was going to take the bus back to my old address, the place I lived in before I met my husband. Being in Binghamton felt like finding one of my selves again. I needed that.

Plus, I had a good ol’ time in Binghamton, in general.

2014-10-02 13.58.15


Thursday was busy, but it was rough: I was getting a cold and Thursday was the day it tried to run me over. As I type this I am feeling much better even if I’m still sniffling, clearing my throat, and blowing my nose. I would not let this cold stop me though. My friend had invited me to talk to her graduate students about using Twitter as an early-career academic. It would be my first time stepping in front of a Binghamton University classroom as Dr. Silva–and I was elated, cold meds haze notwithstanding. As I picked out my clothes, I thought long and hard: what would Dr. Silva look like in Binghamton? Of course I didn’t have the outfit I would have wanted to wear (gotta pack light) but I wore the outfit in the picture and felt good about it.

I still wonder what students think when they see a Latina at the front of the classroom. That’s one of the reasons I wanted to stay on the tenure track. But the reasons to get off outnumbered the ones to stay.

2014-10-04 15.59.42


One of the reasons I took this trip was to a) see the Astros in New York b) recharge my creative and emotional batteries. Some people do that at a lake or at a cabin in nature. Me, I come to New York. It’s about my family, my friends, my research, my history. But it’s also about the city. As I walk, I want to write and take pictures. I look at newspaper headlines and I get ideas. People talk to me about their lives here and my mind wanders and makes connections between the conversation at hand and something I read years ago. At times all I need to do is look up from my uptown bus window and take a picture.

What I didn’t expect was that I’d be flooded with memories and I’d be trying to hold back my tears as I walked to the bus stop.